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UNCS to develop multi-scale geospatial datasets

US: The UN Cartographic Section (UNCS) is planning to develop global multi-scale geospatial datasets (or UNmap) for rapid map production and web mapping in support to the Security Council and the Secretariat including UN field missions.

Currently, an interim version of UNmap in scales of 1:1 million, 1:5 million and 1:10 million are in the final stages of completion. These maps are being used as primary geo-databases for UNCS and UN field missions.

The purpose of UNmap is to develop and maintain a spatial data infrastructure (integrated with the datasets of UN international boundaries and SALB as well as UN Gazetteer) for UN needs that will provide a single homogeneous dataset of global geospatial features of the world for any mapping purpose.

UNmap is a series of geo-databases for core mapping layers (international and administrative boundaries, coastlines, drainage, water bodies, roads, railways, airports, populated places and urban areas) in various scales (1:1-10 million for global coverage and 1:250K, 50K, 25K, 12.5K and 5K for UN field missions).

Source: GGIM