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UN-HABITAT provides GIS expertise to Pakistani city

Punjab, Pakistan: The city of Lahore, Pakistan, in collaboration with United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), set up GIS lab for population census organisation. Through the lab, the city administration aims to develop baseline GIS maps. The digitised maps would help in conducting a successful census of the city.  

While inaugurating the system in Punjab, Rabbi Royan, the country representative of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Pakistan said that world was moving towards three dimensional data so digitisation of data in Pakistan was part of this plan. In 2011, he added, US contributed around USD 1.2 million for this purpose, while for the year 2012, US gave around USD 644,000.

Royan further stated that by the end of this year 90 per cent of urban area and 60 per cent of rural area would be digitised under this programme. Around 100 people have been trained in GIS to handle this digital system for human capacity building in Pakistan. “All this is being done to bring Pakistan at a global level in handling this system of GIS”, he observed.

Source: The Nation