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UN, Esri join hands to provide COVID-19 Data Resources

In a major development, United Nations (UN) has decided to partner with Esri to provide with COVID-19 Data Resources worldwide. The decision has been taken to provide member countries the data needed to fight the pandemic.

“As we face an unprecedented health crisis, the world has never needed easy access to reliable and timely data as urgently as today,” said Stefan Schweinfest, Director of the United Nations Statistics Division, was quoted as saying by Business Wire.

Schweinfest , speaking on the partnership with Esri, added, “Tracking trends of the pandemic, identifying the more vulnerable groups, and understanding the impact of the crisis on all sectors of society and the economy are the most pressing needs of the global statistics and data community. This partnership offers an important tool easily accessible and usable by any national statistical office.”

Countries can use tools and software to be part of the a Federated Network of COVID-19 data hub. The hub is a platform that deals with cloud-based community engagement that helps in organising people, data, and tools through information-driven initiatives.

The hub will help organisations to work along with stakeholders and find out progress, how to improve and create policies. The network will nations to improve communication, coordination, and data sharing.

This will also give opportunities to governments, NGO’s, other organizations a better understanding of issues that communities face.