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UltraCamLp gets admirer in Slovakia

Graz, Austria: Geodeticca 3D Works has contracted with Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft company, to purchase an UltraCamLp digital aerial camera system. This is the first digital aerial camera ever purchased by a Slovak company. The transaction was realised by UltraCam distributor Expert_for_3D_Landscape, based in Bratislava, Slovakia.  

”We selected UltraCamLp because of the technical features that perfectly met our needs, such as simultaneous acquisition of five spectral bands and the monolithic stitching method a high level of accuracy and reliability,” stated Ing. Marek Kožarík, PhD, Chief Development Officer, Geodeticca 3D Works.

The UltraCamLp is a lighter, more compact camera system compared to other UltraCam systems, so it is suitable for smaller aircraft and projects requiring a rapid response. However, the camera provides the same high geometric accuracy, broad dynamic range, stereo capabilities, and full metric capabilities as the UltraCamX, UltraCamXp, and UltraCamXp Wide Angle large-format cameras.

Source: Vexcel Imaging