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Ukraine signs agreements on radio navigation

Ukraine: Ukraine has signed 15 out of 18 planned agreements at a meeting of the Council of Commonwealth of Independent States’ (CIS) Prime Ministers and supported one decision out of four put before the council. It includes an agreement on a radio navigation programme of the CIS states.

It is a plan of activities for veterans’ organisations of the CIS states, an agreement to continue the search for soldiers missing since the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989). It is an agreement on the activities of the intergovernmental council on agriculture, an agreement about amending and supplementing the agreement on cooperation to ensure uniformity of measurements in the armed forces of the CIS states and an agreement to conduct a coherent policy in the area of standardisation, metrology and certification.

At the same time, Ukraine didn’t sign a protocol on the stages for forming a common electric power market of the CIS members, an agreement about giving Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography the status of a CIS basic educational institution for training experts in geodesy, cartography, cadastre and remote Earth sensing, as well as a protocol on making amendments and addenda to the agreement on cooperation between border troops on the issues of border control, and check points on the borders of the CIS member states with states that are not members of the commonwealth.

Source: kyivpost.com