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Ukraine launches RS satellite Sich-2

Ukraine: Ukraine launched a remote sensing satellite Sich-2 from the Yasny launch base in the Orenburg Region, Russia. The Ukrainian satellite was carried by Dnepr along with the American satellites AprizeSat-5 and AprizeSat-6, Italy’s EduSat, Nigeria’s NigeriaSat-X and NigeriaSat-2, and Turkey’s RASAT.

Built by the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, Sich-2 is based on the MS-2-8 satellite bus. It weighs 169 kilograms, and is expected to operate for five years. The satellite carries optical and infrared imagers, which will be used to produce images for agricultural and development planning, mapping, and monitoring natural disasters.

Sich-2 is the third satellite in a series of Ukrainian satellites named Sich, meaning Owl. The first, Sich-1, was placed into orbit in August 1995. Based on a former Soviet Okean-O1 remote sensing satellite, it was the first Ukrainian satellite to be launched since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The second Sich satellite, Sich-1M, was also based on an Okean-O1 satellite, and launched on December 24, 2004. It decayed on April 15, 2006; less than sixteen months into a planned three-year mission.

Source: www.nasaspaceflight.com