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UK, US census data available on eSpatial OnDemand GIS

Dublin, Ireland: eSpatial, a leading provider of GIS and pioneer in business data mapping delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), announced free trial of a selection of US and UK census data to its customers and users.
Philip O’Doherty, CEO, eSpatial said, “Having experienced the growing demand for data mapping software, we decided to make a strategic investment in data. We started by identifying a selection of US and UK census data that is most valuable to our current and future customers. Once we knew what would be most useful, we uploaded and styled the data, then rolled it out to make it available – at no extra charge – in our free trial and to our customers.”
Gaining access to the free census data in the free trial of the software is simple. When signing up to the free trial at www.espatial.com/trial, users can automatically create a trial account with the free US census data.
To create an account with the free UK census data, they need only select “United Kingdom” as their country on the sign-up form. “Providing a selection of popular US and UK census data for customers’ use is a tangible example of eSpatial’s commitment to customer needs,” stated O’Doherty. “As our customer base continues to grow, we will continue to seek ways in which we can provide additional value through our offering.”
Pioneers of SaaS-based GIS software – now commonly referred to as business data mapping software – eSpatial are confident about the future of the technology. “More and more organisations are not just expressing interest in data mapping – they’re signing up to use our software!” added O’Doherty.“By leveraging our expertise as GIS providers, and listening and responding to our customers’ needs, we are confident that we will continue to deliver real business value to our customers.”
Source: eSpatial