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UK to develop National Address Gazetteer Database

UK: Addressing information from local authorities and Ordnance Survey (OS) will be brought together to create a ‘National Address Gazetteer Database’ to provide one definitive source of accurate spatial address data, according to Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Products from the national address gazetteer database will provide access to a definitive database of addresses in England and Wales for use by all parts of the public sector and the private sector, removing wasteful duplication in the public sector and providing more comprehensive and accurate information.

Accurate address data underpins a multitude of public services, ranging from the emergency services, to school transport and refuse collection together with many uses within the private sector including use by utility suppliers and insurance companies. This initiative will provide a platform for more collaborative working between central government, local authorities, and local service providers to deliver better, more innovative and more efficient local services.

It is anticipated that products from the national address gazetteer database will deliver significant efficiency savings and improvements by reducing the need for data matching across different address products.

As part of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, products created from the national address gazetteer would be available for the entire public sector, delivering significant cost savings and enabling more partnership working with private and third sector delivery bodies.

With 28 million addresses and 1.8 million postcodes, the Postcode Address File (PAF) will form a key component of the national address gazetteer database. In addition, Local Government in Scotland and Scottish Government are supportive of the goal to create a national address gazetteer database and are working with Local Government and Ordnance Survey to explore options for achieving this goal.

The Office of National Statistics are also working with the joint venture partners to ensure that investment in addressing as part of the preparations for the 2011 Census for National Statistics (ONS), is optimised through the national address gazetteer database.

Source: Ordnance Survey