UK Pledges GBP 1.1 Billion to Fight Cyber Terrorists

UK Pledges GBP 1.1 Billion to Fight Cyber Terrorists


London: The Armed Forces must adapt to deal with “unseen enemies”, said David Cameron, Prime Minister, UK, as he announced GBP 1.1 billion investment in the military to tackle new threats to national security.

The Prime Minister said that spending on intelligence and surveillance equipment, such as drones, is a “national necessity”.

Cameron, writing in The Telegraph, warned that Britain faces changing threats in the form of global terrorism and unseen cyber criminals who can target the country from abroad. We “cannot defend the realm from the white cliffs of Dover”, he wrote.

The new military funding package includes an extra GBP 800  million investment in an intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance package. It will boost the special forces’ ability to deal with the threat of global terrorism and hostage taking, the report adds. A further GBP 300 million will be used for existing programmes, including next generation radars for Typhoon jets.

Source: The Telegraph