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UK LiDAR service takes to the skies

Precision Terrain Surveys Ltd (PTS) (Edenbridge, England) announced a new Airborne Laser Scanning (LiDAR) acquisition service to supply detailed elevation mapping data, with a sensor operated from its twin engine survey aircraft. Designed by PTS engineers, the ‘Airborne Terrain Elevation Mapping Scanner’ (ArTEMiS) adds a British developed system to those operating commercially. In early 2003 the first data were supplied to customers following successful operational tests and calibration. Elevation data are collected to give a point spacing of one metre over a swath width of approximately 500m and with vertical accuracy typically 10-25cm. PTS are aiming at projects of all sizes in the UK and Europe. Subject to suitable weather, data can be captured and supplied to customers very quickly after an order is placed. PTS expect data from ArTEMiS to benefit a range of applications including flood risk analysis, civil engineering, corridor mapping, forestry, telecommunications, urban visualisation and line of sight determination. PTS are part of the NPA Group of companies.