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UK Geospatial Commission outlines its 2019-2020 priorities

UK: The UK Geospatial Commission’s Annual Plan was published on April 30, highlighting the ways it is working to maximize the value of geospatial data for the country.

The plan also sets out priorities for this year for unlocking value in key sectors, including investment into the underground assets announced last week, and developing the geospatial ecosystem through data improvement, skills and innovation.

The plan is being seen as an important milestone towards creating the UK’s National Geospatial Strategy, following last year’s call for evidence. Some its highlights include:

  • National Geospatial Strategy – call for evidence
  • Call for evidence responses
  • Geospatial Commission Annual Plan 2019-2020

On August 15, 2018, the Geospatial Commission had sent out a call for evidence to know how the use of geospatial data can support economic growth and productivity across the United Kingdom, while transforming how public services are delivered.

UK Geospatial Commission’s Annual Plan 2019-2020 focuses on the progress that has been made so far in establishing the necessary capability, visibility and evidence to support the future view of the UK’s high-value geospatial opportunities and how these could be delivered.