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UK firm adds GPS to PDA

UK firm Sarantel claims that it will shake up the GPS market by allowing the technology to be incorporated cheaply into mainstream consumer devices using its advanced miniature antennas.

The company has signed a deal to supply Taiwanese consumer electronics firm d-Media, which will integrate Sarantel’s GeoHelix GPS antenna into the new version of its In-View PDA.

The inclusion of the GPS antenna is designed to enable d-Media’s Pocket PC N-911 product to offer GPS functionality for the first time, helping users to plot routes and locate services quickly and easily.

The device has a 260K colour LTPS LCD and SD I/O slot for internet access. It is also equipped with an array of GPS features, including maps, points of information and directional information.

The PDA will be launched in August for distribution in the US and Europe, targeting the consumer and automotive markets.