UK digitising location info of coal mines

UK digitising location info of coal mines


UK: The Coal Authority of the UK is handling a project which aims to spatially identify coalfields across Britain and share related information in an automated way using consistent digital standards. Mining and site inspection reports are being combined with the land ownership details held by 180 local authorities whose areas coincide with the coalfields. The work includes identifying sites that have been risk assessed for subsidence and contamination. The project will support the Authority’s ongoing inspection programme and spread the provision of up-to-date information about legacy mines.

Mike Segal, Chair of the UK Location Council, the cross-government body responsible for the UK Location Programme, said, “Streams of location information from different sources will be combined through a common digital framework enabling all users to discover, view and download the data they need. This promises to transform the spatial management of the Authority’s critical business data with efficiency savings automatically built into use and re-use.”  

Steve Pennell, the Coal Authority’s Director of Information and Systems, said that electronic exchange is the only viable way to pull in the landownership data from local authorities in a structured way and run it against his organisation’s database. Further, he added, “Ultimately, by sharing data to improve how we communicate with local authorities and the public, we can help protect people as they go about their business in former coal mining areas.”

Source: UK Location