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UK-based startup launches “pay-as-you-fly” drone insurance solution


UK: A London based startup, Flock, has launched Europe’s first “pay-as-you-fly” drone insurance solution. The service provides on-demand insurance for commercial UAV pilots in the UK, with policies starting from just £5 ($7) for up to eight hours of liability and hull cover.

The Flock Cover app takes drone pilots just a minute to set up a profile and purchase fully compliant hull and liability insurance, said Flock in a statement announcing the app’s launch.

The insurance policies are tailor-made to each flight, allowing pilots to customize their policies by selecting a cover duration (between one and eight hours) and public liability limit, ranging from £1 million to £10 million ($1.4 million to $13.9 million), Flock explained.

Flock first announced in July 2017 it had partnered with aviation insurer Allianz, which underwrites Flock’s insurance policies in the UK. The Flock Cover smartphone app is available in iOS and Android app stores.

According to Flock, the data-driven approach of insurance cements its departure from traditional insurers. For example, when pilots choose a 500-meter (547 yards) radius circle (the “Flight Area”), Flock’s proprietary algorithms aggregate and analyze localized data within that area to quantify the risk of any given drone flight in real-time.

“This dynamic risk assessment generates a proportionally priced quote, which is immediately visible to the user,” Flock said, noting that the premium is a competitively priced alternative to the UK market’s current offering of flat-rate annual policies.

Flock said the Flock Cover app simultaneously functions as a flight safety tool for pilots. Real-time risks, such as hyper-local weather conditions, nearby ground hazards, and restricted airspaces are clearly displayed to the pilot before take-off.

In addition, the company also offers a predictive risk analytics engine, which means that pilots can see their risks (and book insurance) for any flight up to 10 days in advance.