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UgCS introduces Telemetry Sync tool for DroneLogbook

US: The Telemetry Sync tool is a response to demand from drone operators flying with UgCS to be able to store their telemetry data not only locally on the computer, but as well in the cloud. In addition to providing operators with comprehensive flight logging, DroneLogbook.com also allows users to manage maintenance logs and generate custom checklists.

DroneLogbook is also useful in ensuring compliance with the law: it allows users to check the status of controlled airspace before planning a drone mission and generate reports in accordance with the requirements of aviation authorities such as the FAA, CAA, CASA and CAD.

The recently updated Telemetry player tool of UgCS records all flight telemetry data, enabling to replay and analyze each drone’s flight path and the videos recorded.

The free of charge add-on synchronization feature is an effective tool both for individual drone operators and for enterprises with large drone fleets, as it allows to store all data in one place, even if multiple laptops are being used for drone mission control.