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Uganda to develop early warning system

Kampala, Uganda: Telecoms regulator – the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union are jointly considering developing an early warning system. Godfrey Mutabazi, Executive Director of UCC, said that this decision has been made in the light of recent mudslide in Uganda’s Bulambuli district.

Mutabazi explained that realising the intensity of mudslide, the UCC contacted the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for the emergency communications equipment to assist in the management of relief services. “The ITU through its division of emergency telecommunications provided four inmarsat broadband global area network terminals, four iridium satellite telephones and two thuraya satellite telephones with their accessories.”

He added that the equipments is equipped with GPS technology. It can also use both satellite and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks. “In some cases, can be used for high speed data in coordinating relief services in the affected districts,” Mutabazi continued.

Source: www.busiweek.com