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Uganda gets new mining cadastre and registry system

Uganda: Spatial Dimension announced that FlexiCadastre has been selected as Uganda’s new Mining Cadastre and Registry System. FlexiCadastre is an enterprise solution designed, developed and supported by Spatial Dimension for the creation of web-based and business process centric mineral rights management systems.

The Ugandan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, through the Department of Geological Survey and Mines recently signed a contract with MTL Consulting Company Limited of Tanzania to design, develop and commission an advanced rules and web-based Mining Cadastre and Registry system. The project is funded by the Nordic Development Fund and is part of the larger Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project.

According to the Spatial Dimension’s press statement, the new Mining Cadastre and Registry System will improve transparency and security of tenure; increase accessibility of information to private sector investors including small-scale miners and ensure standardisation and uniformity of mineral licensing procedures. It will allow for the efficient and reliable management of mineral rights for the benefit of all mineral stakeholders, the people and the Government of Uganda.

MTL Consulting, based in Dar es Salaam, provides consultancy services to the mining, environmental and mineral rights market. “This is our first project since becoming a FlexiCadastre business partner in East Africa. In addition to using FlexiCadastre, MTL Consulting has teamed with Geo-Information Communication (Uganda) and Intierra (Australia) on this important project for the mining sector in Uganda,” said John-Bosco Tindyebwa, Director, MTL Consulting.

Source: Spatial Dimension