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UEM Group implements ArcFM UT

Germany: French multi-utility UEM Group has completed all tests for the implementation of ArcFM UT for district heating. In February 2013, both UEM and its subsidiary URM initiated a project to implement ArcGIS and ArcFM UT platform with project partners Esri France and AED-SICAD. The complete project encompasses 4 project phases. Project phase 3 (implementation of electricity) is well under way.

UEM supplies district heating to 35,000 service points in the city of Metz and URM supplies electricity to 158,000 service points within the city of Metz and surrounding villages. The decision to implement ArcGIS and ArcFM UT was preceded by an elaborate tendering phase, where UEM ensured themselves also in practical demonstrations using UEM data that the system will perform according to their wishes.

The project itself is complex due to a number of integrations with other IT systems. An inventory system (X3), two network calculation systems (Picalor for district heating and Neplan for electricity), the SCADA system (Lynx) and the CRM efluid will be closely integrated with the GIS. This called for detailed planning and specifications and close collaboration.