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UCLID Software releases IcoMap for ArcGIS

IcoMap, a COGO package with unique parcel mapping technology, is now available as an extension to ArcGIS. Useful for creation and maintenance of the parcel layer, IcoMap features patented Text-to-Vector® technology. This technology converts scanned legal descriptions and maps into COGO-accurate parcel maps. IcoMap’s Text-to-Vector feature has a point-and-click interface which is easy to learn and use. Because it uses bearings, distances and other survey measurements to create the vector linework, Text-to-Vector technology is as accurate as COGO.

GIS professionals and surveyors have used IcoMap for years on the AutoCAD platform. IcoMap, also known as point-n-click COGO, is now available to ArcGIS users. The IcoMap for ArcGIS product is an extension for ArcMap so users of ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo will be able to use it.

Organizations that work with scanned documents will find IcoMap especially helpful. Because IcoMap works directly with scans, there is no need to print out these documents and COGO them in. IcoMap also works with legal descriptions that have been typed and saved as text files. By combining point-and-click COGO with an exceptional ten-key COGO package, IcoMap is the most convenient method for creating an accurate parcel layer in ArcGIS.

IcoMap has received numerous awards, and even claimed the 2001 National New Product Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers.