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UCLID announced Grant Program for GIS education

UCLID Software announced the UCLID Educational Grant Program for qualified colleges, universities and technical institutes. This program represents a potential $6,250,000 (U.S.) software donation by UCLID to support GIS education programs. The grant is available to 25 universities. UCLID estimates each grant to have an approximate commercial software value between $175,000 and $250,000. There is no application fee – details and an online application form can be found at https://grants.uclid.com

The grant is intended to assist universities and colleges better prepare GIS students for their career in GIS. UCLID’s parcel mapping and data entry software products are used to build and maintain a GIS and are extensions to ArcGIS. With these tools, students will spend less time on tedious data entry and have more time to work on data interpretation and analysis. These tools are helpful when building a parcel layer and/or entering attribute data in ESRI ArcGIS. The tools are especially helpful in “production” situations when there is a lot of source data that needs to be converted.