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Ubisense, AGIP to provide real-time personnel security sys

UK: Ubisense and its partner in the oil & gas industry, S3 ID, have struck a deal with AGIP to deploy an integrated personnel security system at its Kazakhstan facility. The solution, which uses unique technology from Ubisense, will play an important role in creating and maintaining the safety and security of personnel at the facility.

In cases of a major incident in a hazardous environment, it is crucial for the emergency response service to know exactly who was present on the facility at the time of the incident and exactly who is accounted for after the incident, usually at muster points, so that any persons unaccounted for may be searched for and rescued. The system being selected by AGIP will enable this information to be available instantaneously at multiple locations on and off site, ensuring enhanced personnel safety and security.

S3 ID, working with the unique Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) solutions from Ubisense, works with organisations that have personnel working in hazardous environments to provide real-time personnel location awareness, mustering and access control of safety and security solutions. Whilst the primary function of the technology is to enhance safety, it can also be used for access control and security purposes, managing personnel logistics and automatically recording time and attendance on-site.

By using the UWB tags from Ubisense, the system can also provide a more accurate, contactless monitoring solution. Users will wear a small battery powered tag that, when read by sensors, can provide precise three-dimensional location information to an accuracy of better than half a metre at ranges of up to 200m. As the tag reading is contactless, reading is performed automatically, which is crucial in rapid mustering scenarios.

Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense, said, “We are delighted to be working with S3 ID on this critically important project for AGIP in Kazakhstan. The ability of our UWB solutions to provide accurate, precise and three-dimensional location information is increasingly important to a number of manufacturing industries and also for the people working in those more hazardous environments.”

Source: Ubisense