UAVs manufacturers push for change in DGCA?s UAV flying policy

UAVs manufacturers push for change in DGCA?s UAV flying policy


Greater Noida: The DGCA’s UAVs flying policy was the severely criticized in a session on UAVs at the India Expo Mart. Dinakar Devireddy, Head of Innovation Program, Cyient, describes it as a ‘confusion’ that is causing problem to a lot of people. According to him, there are people selling UAVs. But people can’t buy them as there is a lot of confusion about the policy.

“In India, we can fly a drone but it won’t be legitimate as DGCA doesn’t allow flying a drone due to security reasons,” says Devireddy. He says that regulations should be clear as to flying drones. Interestingly, the govt of India has no policy on flying drones. And therefore, any non-govt organisation is not allowed to fly drones.

Only govt organisations are allowed to fly drones provided that they take permission from DGCA, and conduct and monitor the whole operation themselves. Whereas the govt is dodging the question and not changing the policy, manufacturers believe that if implemented the UAVs can complement the traditional ways of data gathering.

They add that UAVs can be proved useful in data gathering at a faster pace or monitoring activities or conducting surveys on a rocky terrain. Recently, the UAVs were used in conducting a study related to crowd simulation at the Ujjain Kumbh Mela to understand how the crowd behaves.

Source: Our Correspondent