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UAVs – Emerging as a major air threat

Delhi: “Air threat is becoming more severe with the advancement of UAVs and UCAVs,” declared Lt Gen VK Saxena, DG AAD, Indian Army, thus paving way for speakers to present their talk on the topic, ‘Target Acquisition and Weapon Guidance’. The others also echoed his views. “Threat from UAVs is on the rise. Carrier-based UAVs are getting popular and is a threat of future,” said Brig KJ Singh, Indian Army, adding, “Air threat has revolutionised in such a manner that its study needs to be carried out on regular basis.”

Talking about the importance of geospatial technology in target acquisition and guidance systems, Col US Sengupta, MCEME, Indian Army, said, “The geospatial coordinates are difficult to tamper with and the integrity of geospatial information is very high. Therefore, amongst the emerging concepts is the geographical and spatial knowledge being merged into the target acquisition and guidance algorithms.”

“Networked enabled weapon platforms with seamless integration of sensor and information grids have enabled Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Guidance Systems (RISTAG) to superior levels in recent times,” said, Col Ramesh Shanmugam, 505, ABW, Indian Army, adding, “GIS is the zero of RISTAG.”

Representing industry, Brig SC Sharma (Retd), Axis Aerospace, focussed his talk on simulation and its importance for war-like air defence scenarios.

Source: Our Correspondent