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UAV to survey wildlife habitat

US: Researchers in eastern Idaho plan to use unmanned robotic aircraft to get high-resolution digital images of sagebrush habitats. The aerial photos will also be used in a large study on pygmy rabbits, as well as to learn how animals react to temperature and predators. Also participating in the project are Boise State University, Washington State University and the University of Florida.

The University of Idaho's participation is part of an effort to create a Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aerial Systems at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies in Idaho Falls. The unmanned aerial systems center, should it be created, will work toward finding ways to bring unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace.A company called Advanced Aviation Solutions, a consulting company, is working with Idaho researchers to establish the center.

The research team plans to be in Lemhi County for about two weeks with the unmanned flights going through June 23.

Source: Daily Herald