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UAV technology finds use in wine industry

US: Precision Hawk, the US company has come up with a drone that can scare away vineyard pests and gather vital environmental data for winemakers, besides has myriad uses set to help the wine industry.

The latest model Lancaster Mark III resembles a hawk designed to scare away pest birds while collecting critical data for winemakers on crop protection, plant research, crop production.

With less than a meter from nose to tail, the new model has fixed wings and weighs just 1.3kg. It is completely silent and automatically calculates its own survey parameters and other pre-set information such as revealing nutrient deficiencies, identifying disease and insects, and comparing crop genetics to facilitate higher yields with fewer resources.

Ernest Earon, founder and president of Precision Hawk said, " Once the survey is complete, the onboard computers will automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks and transfer all remote-sensing data, flight information and diagnostics to remote servers.

Source: DroneLife