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UAV Components announces new infrared camera for drones

Kvasir Infrared camera for UAVs,  Image Credits: UAVComponentsDenmark, September 12, 2014: Copenhagen-based global UAV solutions company UAV Components has announced the release of Kvasir, a new, lightweight infrared camera for UAVs.

The core of the Kvasir is protected by a custom-made IP67/68 stainless steel case offering a weight around 170 grams.

Featuring a resistive Amorphous Silicon based 384 x 288 or 640×480 micro-bolometer array on a 17-micron pitch, Kvasir offers unmatched thermal imaging for civil UAVs, aviation, military, security, and marine safety applications at cost-effective prices.

Kvasir is a high-fidelity uncooled thermal imaging module for critical safety and security applications providing high quality thermal images at high frame-rates and user defined graphical overlays.

Source: UAVComponents