UAE Space Agency pushes for use of satellite data

UAE Space Agency pushes for use of satellite data


UAE: In a speech delivered at the 5th International Conference on Earth Observation for Global Changes and the 7th International Conference on Geo-information Technologies for Natural Disaster Management , the director general of the UAE Space Agency, Dr. Mohamed Nasser Al Ahbabi, has stressed on the importance of satellite data in the areas of risk, vulnerability and climate change mapping.

He said, “Many government and commercial institutions and entities in the state have expressed the need for such services, particularly since they have become a key and indispensable element in geographic information management systems. Space observation data derived from satellite systems are now used routinely, and their use is associated with other sources of data, including aerial photography, laser mapping systems for urban areas, monitoring weather on planet Earth for the production and construction of special and integrated temporal databases, as well as the provision of services that rely on a holistic analysis of these data.”

The UAE Space Agency wants to use DubaiSat-1 and DubaiSat-2, along with Khalifa Sat, for this purpose. The services will contribute to contribute to urban planning; monitoring various environmental changes; assessing natural climatic factors; determining water quality in the region and monitoring the red tide; in addition to supporting aid missions and disaster relief.

Source: AA