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UAE municipality adopts 3D modelling

Dubai, UAE: To support its economic and urban development, the municipality of Fujairah in UAE, has adopted 3D technologies for decision-making. With the adaptation of the 3D technologies, Fujairah has become the first government in the UAE and the Gulf region, to have its whole territory in 3D. The 3D model has been integrated in a virtual simulator, in high definition, based on the geographical data. The model has been produced by Vectuel Middle East, branch of the French group Vectuel-VirtuelCity.

According to Vectuel’s press statement, compared to any 3D animation, the high definition 3D viewer of Fujairah is based on a real time engine much more immersive and realistic, enabling to move freely in any point of the 3D model by walking like a pedestrian or flying like a bird and also to display the interactions (phasing of a project, different architecture buildings).

The 3D model met the business needs and technical requirements of the diverse stakeholders of city management, governance and planning: accurate geometry of the buildings with areas in high definition. Integrated into the GIS of the Fujairah Municipality, the 3D model serves all the technical requests dedicated to the management of the territory.

In addition, Fujairah is emphasising on an interoperable 3D model enabling the mutualisation of the data towards all stakeholders as well as a customisation according the business needs: communication, territorial marketing, town planning, security, transport, tourism, etc. To fulfil the goal of economical and touristic promotions, the 3D model of the Emirate includes 49 landmarks high detailed to highlight its tourist assets such as hotels, historical monuments, malls, etc. To support this objective at an international level, the 3D model will be viewable on Google Earth.

Source: Vectuel