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U.S. power system wall map released

Atlanta, USA, 2 May 2006 – Global Energy Decisions (Global Energy) announced the release of its new 2006 U.S. Power System Map, the most detailed and up-to-date reference map available to energy professionals at the Electric Power 2006 trade show. “The 2006 U.S. Power System Wall Map includes major additions representing two years of additional research and development into the infrastructure of the U.S. electrical power system,” said Jason McMahan, President of Global Energy Maps, the precision cartography unit of Global Energy.

The 2006 U.S. Power System Map is full color, measures 48″x 92″, and features: All U.S. power plants 45 MW and above as of January 1, 2006; 450,000 miles of transmission lines indicated by voltage; over 1,300 Utility Service Territories, Comprehensive plant data table listing power plants by name, operator, capacity, and map location; Eleven regional insets showing detailed energy infrastructure in enhanced detail.