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U.S. Marines to use palm computers from Israel

Talla-Tech, a U.S. subsidiary of Tadiran Communications has won two contracts worth a combined $11.5 million to supply battle-reinforced handheld computers to the US Marines. The orders follow previous orders totaling $15m for similar equipment from other branches of the US army. Talla-Tech will provide ruggedized palmtop computers with Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing GPS, as well as a tactical modem for communications through military communicators.

Talla-Tech said it was the first company to provide such units to the US military, and that it has now sold thousands to the US and other armies. The subject of the latest order is a version of the PDA suitable for harsh ground conditions. The navigation capacity of the PDAs, which weigh less than a kilogram, is based on an installed GPS receiver. The modem allows soldier in the field to receive updated reports on the status of the battle and his own location, as well as the location of friendly and enemy forces. It also enables communications between the forces and the command echelon.