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U.S Marine Corps implements mapping technology

ATLANTA, April 3 (UPI) — The U.S. Marine Corps says it has completed the implementation of TerraGo Technologies’ geospatial mapping technology for mission-critical applications.

The Marine Corps says it has implemented Georgia-based TerraGo GeoPDF Toolbar on 65,000 standard desktop environments. Officials say the geospatial mapping technology enables geographical information system viewing functionality along with geospatial intelligence capabilities.

The GeoPDF mapping technology, also deployed across the Navy-Marine Corps Internet platform, offers soldiers the ability to manipulate and update mapping data in the field or at the base.

“The adoption rate of the GeoPDF Toolbar has been unprecedented — with 41,000 being deployed in the last month alone,” Brian Soliday, TerraGo vice president, said in a statement.

“The intuitive capabilities built into the GeoPDF Toolbar increase its appeal as an easy-to-use solution. There is virtually no ramp-up time on the use of the GeoPDF Toolbar, and most importantly, its intuitive nature ensures the timely distribution of geospatial information to the edge for rapid insertion into mission critical operations, especially for in-theater operations.”