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U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems to deliver GPS-based fleet management solutions

Vericom Technologies and U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems, have formed a strategic alliance enabling U.S. Bank Voyager to begin offering an advanced Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)-based fleet management service to new and existing customers.

The product, called “Voyager Path Manager”, is a new GPS-based fleet management solution powered by Vericom Technologies, which enables companies to cost-effectively collect and analyze detailed fleet data involving driver and company fleet performance and productivity. By utilizing Voyager Path Manager’s customized web-based reports, companies can quickly recognize ways to reduce costs by maximizing operating efficiencies and reducing risks.

In addition to offering Voyager Path Manager, U.S. Bank Voyager currently provides the Voyager Fleet Card, a “universal” fleet fueling and maintenance card to customers, such as the United States Postal Service, SCI Management and Kinetic Concepts Inc. The Voyager card, accepted at over 165,000 retail locations across the nation, provides comprehensive data reporting and card tracking features that allow fleet executives to measure fuel costs and manage their program exceptions.

Voyager Path Manager gives companies the ability to:

  • Monitor vehicle and fleet activity, such as location, frequency and vehicle speeds, to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, as well as accident/incident costs;
  • Record vehicle location throughout the day, providing easy analysis of specific routes, duration of stops, time between stops, and out-of-route movements;
  • Reduce unnecessary labor expenditures by optimizing routes and increasing driver productivity;
  • Verify and improve customer service, providing an automatic recording of delivery time at specific customer locations, and
  • Ensure driver and vehicle safety through tracking of vehicle location and use as desired.