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U.S. Army using feature analyst technology to support operations

The United States Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC), a division of the Army Engineer Research and Development Center, has purchased multiple licenses of Visual Learning Systems’ Feature Analyst software. The Feature Analyst technology is enabling Army TEC personnel to analyze high-resolution imagery and update geographic data through the power of automated target recognition and image classification. Feature Analyst’s combination of speed, accuracy, and ease of use has made it a perfect fit in Army TEC’s mapping processes.

Army TEC’s mission is to provide the Warfighter with a superior knowledge of the battlefield, and support the nation’s civil and environmental initiatives through research, development, and the application of expertise in the topographic and related sciences. To support this mission, the Army needs cutting-edge tools to update geographic information from imagery as quickly and as accurately as possible. Such geographic information includes vegetation, land cover, hydrology, roads, structures, and small features such as tanks and planes. Each of these different features represents a tough mapping problem for Army TEC. Visual Learning Systems (VLS) has provided the solution to these problems.

Feature Analyst allows even novice image processing analysts to perform complicated extractions quickly and accurately with minimal training. The software is robust enough to handle most any type of imagery gathered by a sensor. Army research personnel also plan to extract information from scanned maps, which studies have shown to be one of the strong suits of Feature Analyst. One other key benefit of the Feature Analyst, that has Army TEC excited, is the ability to create automated feature extraction models and recipes, which can then be transferred agency-wide to further increase efficiencies.