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U.K. armed forces secure digital map access

The UK’s armed forces have deployed a £1.5m high-security IT system to retrieve digital maps, surveys and technical documents wherever they are in the world. By connecting to the geographic archive via satellite, the army, navy and air force will be able to access critical information needed for the planning of operations, terrain analysis and battle manoeuvres.

Built by the Defence Geographic Centre (DGC), the division of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) responsible for providing digital mapping, the system also transmits and backs ups video files and other essential geospatial data.
The centralised geographic digital storage system was designed and built by five software suppliers and received security clearance after testing last month.

Up to 132Tb of uncompressed data can be archived on the system, created by Sony Electronics, AMS, NCE, XenData and Qualstar. To ensure the data archive is highly secure and tamper-proof, the system includes Sony’s S-AIT write-once-read-many application. The suppliers also worked with the DGC to ensure the system can survive possible attacks or physical disasters. If the system is destroyed, it can automatically rebuild itself using backed-up data.