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u-blox sponsors ‘Team Spirit of Las Vegas’ in Grand DARPA challenge

The ‘Team Spirit of Las Vegas’ decided for the u-blox sensor-based dead-reckoning board SBR-LS to guide their unmanned vehicle in the Grand DARPA challenge in 2004. The SBR-LS uses u-blox’ own 16-channel, low-power ANTARIST GPS chipset. The position is determined by combining GPS signal with information from the vehicle, such as the speed pulse.

The DARPA Grand Challenge is a race of autonomous unmanned vehicles, starting in the vicinity of Los Angeles to the city of Las Vegas. The course is around three hundred miles of grueling on- and off-road conditions against competing unmanned vehicles. The contenders will have to overcome desert like conditions, to include, but not limited to mountains, canyons, Joshua tree forests, boulders, ditches, and riverbeds, possibly dry and/or wet. On March 13th , 2004, DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, will kick off the competition as a way to stimulate the creation of new concepts for ground based unmanned vehicles.

US Air Force Major Kent Tiffany, leader of the ‘Team Spirit of Las Vegas’ said, “We need to have 100% reliable and accurate position information all the time, more so during GPS outage areas. The u-blox dead-reckoning solution will guide us under extremely adverse conditions, even with weak or no GPS signal. The SBR-LS is easy to integrate and self-calibrating”. u-blox develops and markets positioning technologies based on the GPS.