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u-blox releases firmware 5.00

u-blox AG, the Swiss provider of innovative GPS receiver technology, recently announced the release of firmware 5.00 that features navigation, SuperSense
weak signal performance and unmatched coverage in the most difficult urban canyons, even when the antenna is located inside vehicles with coated windows. Automotive applications will benefit from outstanding urban canyon performance, unmatched by any other GPS receiver manufacturer, especially in all multipath, no-direct-line-of-sight situations. Mobile devices will be mostly unharmed from in-band jamming signals that are emitted by transmitting devices such as WLAN, Bluetooth or mobile phones in their proximity. Additionally, all u-blox products now feature a continuous-wave suppression
methodology, allowing seamless operation in an otherwise hostile, RF-jamming environment. u-blox firmware version 5.00 is now available as binary images for Flash based ANTARIS and ANTARIS 4 GPS receivers.