Home Innovations GPS u-blox introduces ANTARIS GPS Receiver Board for easy integration.

u-blox introduces ANTARIS GPS Receiver Board for easy integration.

u-blox, an innovator in GPS-based positioning technology, has introduced the ANTARIS GPS Receiver Board. The RCB-LJ, having the same form factor as the Conexant Jupiter, allows fast and easy system integration.The RCB-LJ is an industry standard GPS receiver board containing the u-blox TIM-LF macro component which provides the full ANTARIS performance. It is backwards compatible with the u-blox predecessor, the TIM-CJ and the form factor based on the Conexant Jupiter. This allows easy plug-in integration into existing products. It supports a broad supply voltage range from 3.15 to 5.25 V and contains a full antenna supervision circuit to detect a shorted or disconnected antenna.The RCB-LJ is powered by the 16-channel, low-power ANTARIS chipset and has the same superior GPS performance: less than 160 mW power consumption, 3m CEP accuracy, 41 second cold start, 3.5 second hot start, high sensitivity, and a 4 Hz update rate. The RCB-LJ and all other ANTARIS products provide a time pulse output with configurable frequency up to 1 KHz and 50 ns RMS accuracy, suitable for timing and synchronization applications. The innovative FixNOWT low-power mode allows further power reduction and is ideally suited for power-critical applications such as untethered trailer tracking units. The TIM-LF inside contains a programmable CPU which allows integration of custom applications and add-on features, for example a direct link to a wireless modem. For straightforward code development, u-blox offers the Software Customization Kit (SCKit).