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u-blox introduces ANTARIS GPS Firmware V3.0 with SBAS support and high sensitivity

u-blox, a provider of GPS based positioning technology, Switzerland, has introduced a new version of ANTARIS GPS Software which features high sensitivity, multiple SBAS support, full aiding functionality and improved performance in areas with limited satellite visibility.

The ANTARIS GPS Firmware for u-blox GPS receiver products and the chipset jointly developed by Atmel and u-blox is now capable of receiving SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) signals from multiple geostationary satellites simultaneously such as WAAS in the USA
or EGNOS in Europe. These systems provide integrity and correction information like ionosphere activity and generate ranging signals like GPS satellites. The GPS receiver can use these additional satellites to improve navigation accuracy significantly thanks to its 16 channels architecture.

The firmware now provides significantly higher sensitivity without any compromises. The GPS receiver starts losing track at -150 dBm only, allowing navigation in difficult environments like urban canyons and under dense foliage, and enables applications with concealed antennas. In addition, enhancements in the navigation software detect and eliminate multipath effects in urban canyons and improve overall navigation accuracy, especially under dynamic conditions.

“The innovation leaps in the new firmware are proof of the high standing capabilities of u-blox and are beneficial to existing as well as new applications without any additional cost”, says Thomas Seiler, CEO of u-blox. “Also our customers can rely on high quality GPS receiver platforms and profit from the continuously upgraded performance with the
additional feature sets.”

The firmware release 3.0 will be integrated into all u-blox ANTARIS GPS receiver products. In addition, the firmware is immediately available via download from the u-blox website for the TIM-LP, TIM-LF, RCB-LJ, SAM-LS and for the evaluation kit.

u-blox is a company operating internationally with headquarters in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Germany, UK, USA and Hong Kong. Since its foundation in 1997, u-blox develops and markets leading Global Positioning System (GPS) chipsets and GPS receiver products.