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Twittering snow on maps

UK: In the UK, a snow map has been created using information from tweets. The map monitors tweets tagged with ‘#uksnow’ that mention the amount of snow the user is experiencing out of 10, and their postcode location. This real time snow update map is visible online. Users can add images.

During an all-out snowstorm the ingenious map could prove quite useful, but at the moment about 80 percent of users report no snow (the blue dots on the map). The map is also open to abuse, with some pranksters tweeting: ‘9/10 down here it’s a blizzard!’, causing curious snowy anomalies to appear in parts of the country.

Overreaction to snow is a British tradition however, along with the #uksnow map we look forward to the country grounding to a halt upon an inch of the white stuff, and the perennial lack of road grit, said metro.co.uk.

For mobile users, @benmarsh has developed a special version which is available at https://uksnow.benmarsh.co.uk/m.

Source: Metro.co.uk