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Twitter users mapping power cut in India

New Delhi, India: A bunch of Twitter users have come together to gather information about power cuts in India and make an infographic map. It aims to map the geographical spread of power cuts across the country.

According to Shefaly Yogendra, a London-based investment consultant who rolled out this initiative said, one can participate in this initiative by tweeting #powercutindia. On the other hand, Ajay Kumar, a software engineer, put up a web page that had started mapping power cuts in the country on the basis of the tagged tweets. Now the page can be accessed at . A Twitter account by the name of @PowerCutsIn has also been employed to collect data.

The page is built on an Ushahidi platform, which provides free software for information collection. While the updates from Twitter are being incorporated on to the map by a team of 11 moderators information received via the smartphone app updates the map automatically. “I’m trying to get some people to code a page that will show the availability of power real-time,” said Ajay.

First city to be mapped, according to Ajay on Twitter, was Gurgaon. In the first couple of days, 46 reports had been mapped, at a rate of 9.2 reports a day. These reports have further been sorted into categories of “planned”, “unplanned”, “good news” (indicating no power cuts) and “voltage”.

An open Google document, which anyone can read, edit and shared, was also floated online, where people volunteered to do the data crunching and provide tech support. Those involved are trying to take this beyond an empty data-visualisation exercise and trying to figure out what to do with it.

Source: Times of India