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Twenty-one participants join sponsors to Kick off OGC web services 1.2

August 9, 2002 – The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. kicked off the second threadset of its Web Services Initiative Phase 1 (OWS-1.2) recently with a four-day meeting in Herndon, Virginia. OWS is long-term project that aims to advance interoperable geospatial and imagery web services technology, support development of a multi-vendor portable demonstration, and feed requirements and recommendations into OGC’s OpenGIS Specification process. OWS 1.2 will focus on developing new OGC interface specifications in the areas of image handling, sensor web enablement, service chaining, and feature handling, as well as, extending existing OGC interface specifications, and draft engineering specifications developed in OWS1.1 and other OGC Interoperability Initiatives.

BAE SYSTEMS, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin (LMC), National Aeronautics and Space Admininstration (NASA) and National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) sponsor OWS-1.2. Areas of interest for the OWS-1.2 sponsors include continuing work on the Common Architecture using Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) a phone book-like directory for Web services, web-based image exploitation, feature handling via Web Feature Services and GML 3.0 and further refinements of SensorWeb Enablement.

Twenty-one participants will address these and other topics working toward a demonstration on November 21, 2002. This phase of the initiative is expected to produce twenty Interoperability Program Reports (IPRs) and various prototypical software components exercising the interface specifications defined in those IPRs.