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Tunisia-Syria agree to promote GIS

Tunisia: Tunisia and Syria have been agreed to exchange documents and their expertise in matters of territory and urban planning, in addition to coordinating their efforts to set up work methods and land planning standards. The agreement also aims to make the most of the geographical information system in working out digital maps and prompting the exchange of data between both countries’ public companies. The agreement also focuses on strategies of planning, financing and creation of housing projects and policies.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Slaheddine Malouche, Minister of Equipment, Housing and Territory Development, Tunisia and his Syrian counterpart Mr. Omar Ibrahim Ghalawinji during Tunisian-Syrian High Joint Committee’s meeting.

Mr. Slaheddine Malouche and Mr. Omar Ibrahim Ghalawinji stressed the importance of further showcasing Tunisian and Syrian skills and competencies such as entrepreneurs, property developers, and engineering research offices to enhance their presence on Arab, African and Asian markets.

Source: Tunisia Online News