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Tsunami victims receive treatment via satellite

The ESA funded telemedicine project called I-DISCARE has been put into action to help victims along the coastal areas ravaged by last month’s tsunami. It is being used to connect mobile teams of rescue workers with hospitals via satellite.

On the initiative of the French Space Agency (CNES) with transport costs paid by them as well, three Portable Telemedicine Work (PTW) Stations have been lent to the Indian telemedicine company IndoComputech. These are being used on the east coast of India by mobile teams of doctors and paramedics, connecting them with central hospitals at Lucknow, Madras and Ahmadabad.

A further five more Compact Data Terminals (CDT) are being used on the east coast of India by Mobile Sanitary teams. These teams are sending information on epidemiology as well as the quality and supply of water and nutrition to Public Health Institutions in New Delhi and SE coast District Centres.

Doctors and paramedics equipped with these GPS capable terminals are better able to treat patients at the scene while still maintaining close contact with Mobile Field Hospitals, a Permanent Centre or Reference Hospital; even if located outside the country.

The result ensures earlier patient identification as well as quicker and more traceable data collection resulting in faster triage and better care.