GeoWrap: Trump signs order to create NSC; NVIDIA partners with Volvo and...

GeoWrap: Trump signs order to create NSC; NVIDIA partners with Volvo and more


Trump signs order creating national space council with VP Pence as chair

US: The long-anticipated National Space Council that will bring both military and civilian government space programs closer, was signed by President Donald Trump on June 30. Vice President Mike Pence will chair the council and become the president’s chief adviser on national space policy…(Read here)

Researchers investigate link between air pollution and type 2 diabetes

UK: An interdisciplinary team of scientists from EarthSense Systems, the University of Leicester and other institutions has played a pivotal role in research investigating a possible link between air pollution and the rise in type 2 diabetes…(Read here)

NVIDIA partners with Volvo to bring automated cars to market by 2021

US: To expand its presence in the autonomous vehicle industry, NVIDIA has formed a partnership with Volvo to bring self-driving cars to market by 2021. The partnership marks the fourth time this year that an automaker has officially partnered with NVIDIA, after Audi, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota…(Read here)

Plan to deliver authoritative pan-European open data services unveiled

Belgium: Members of EuroGeographics have unveiled plans for pan-European open data services underpinned by geospatial information from official sources. The Open European Location Services (ELS) project aims to improve the availability of geospatial information…(Read here)

United Launch Alliance beats SpaceX to win Air Force launch

US: United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, for the first time beat Elon Musk’s SpaceX in competition for an Air Force satellite launch, both launch companies said on Friday. The contract covers launch services for multiple satellites aboard an Atlas 5 rocket in June 2019…(Read here)

BIMobject embraces VR and AR

Sweden: BIMobject has developed two new tools that give building product manufacturers the opportunity to bring their products to life in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. BIMobject VR and BIMobject AR connect to the BIMobject Cloud, which contains a vast catalogue of digital objects,…(Read here)

Autonomous Drones for geospatial professionals

Autonomous drones for geospatial professionalsIn the previous blog, I wrote about the fourth industrial revolution. Drones are one of the important technological revolutions that are part of the fourth industrial revolution. Let us look into the what are autonomous vehicles,…(Read here)

Find out why is LiDAR the new investment haven

LiDAR technologyThe infamous lawsuit of Google against Uber and Levandowski has been the talk of the town for every technology enthusiast. The lawsuit centres around the LiDAR technology that helps cars understand their surroundings. Giving a ‘big picture’ view to the cars,…(Read here)

Location-based services top ISRO’s list; new initiatives on the cards

Use of Location Based Services (LBS) has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. The popularity of smartphones has all the more triggered this trend. ISRO, through its various projects in the past or ongoing initiatives, has given LBS a big impetus…(Read here)