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TrueTime increases network timing accuracy and convenience with new GPS antenna and firmware

Sept. 9, 2002 – TrueTime, has announced a new technology for its GPS-referenced Network Time Servers to help customers track and obtain accurate time from a single GPS satellite. The combination of TrueTime’s new, conveniently mounted window antenna and firmware used with its Network Time Servers eliminates roof mounted antenna installation headaches and associated costs. Previously, GPS timing systems required a roof-mounted antenna to track at least three satellites to obtain accurate time. In many cases, such as in skyscrapers or in urban canyons, roof mounted antenna installation costs could be prohibitively expensive or unfeasible. With TrueTime’s new GPS window antenna, customers can maintain atomic clock accuracy without the hassles of a roof antenna.

TrueTime’s Network Time Servers typically reside in the “glass room” or server room filled with racks of network servers. The new GPS antenna, which is approximately the size of a silver dollar, easily adheres to a nearby window – eliminating extensive multi-floor and through-roof cabling, and in some cases, costs associated with renting roof top antenna space. The window-mounted antenna is an ideal solution in densely populated metropolitan environments and urban canyons found in major cities such as New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The antenna together with the firmware enhancements to TrueTime’s innovative Network Time Servers give customers a cost-effective solution to obtain accurate time signals for their networks. The firmware upgrade will be available at no charge to existing TrueTime customers and the new GPS antenna is available as an option when purchased with a TrueTime Network Time Server.