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Truck firms in Philippines urged to use GPS

The Calabarzon police office in Philippines has asked the association of trucking companies in the region to immediately install GPS gadgets in their trucks to thwart hijacking and highway robberies. Although the number of reported hijackings had declined in the past months, the threat was still high. Once installed the GPS could show the exact location of the trucks at any given time. In case a truck is taken by criminal elements or during an emergency, the police and its owner can easily detect where the truck is headed. Then police units can be dispatched to go after the truck at once. He said despite the availability of such technology in the country, the number of trucking companies using GPS in their units is still negligible. The most common reason cited by companies, he said, was that GPS units are expensive. But acquiring GPS is obviously much cheaper than losing one’s truck and its cargo. That would cost millions for businessmen.