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Tripod Data Systems releases Survey Pro 3.5

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) has released version 3.5 of both Survey Pro for Windows CE and Survey Pro for Pocket PC. Both versions include a new Auto Collect routine and allow surveyors to edit the feature code file while collecting attributes. Survey Pro 3.5 for Windows CE also includes additional Hotkeys and new features that enhance GPS work.

The new Auto Collect routine allows surveyors to collect points by time and distance with robotic total stations. The setup screen lets them specify collection by time or distance, and the collection screen shows current instrument data and other relevant information as points are collected. The collection screen also shows the projected location of the next point that will be stored, based on the current direction and speed from the last point stored, allowing users to obtain more accurate records. Results can be viewed in both statistical and graphical format.

Another new feature in both versions is the “Write cut sheet data only (No store point)” option, which allows surveyors to edit the feature code while collecting attributes. When this option is selected, only the raw data as-built point is written to the RAW file, rather than being stored to the JOB file. This keeps the JOB file cleaner and easier to read.

Survey Pro 3.5 for Windows CE is designed for the TDS Ranger. Its new Hotkeys allow quick access to commonly used features including past results, Distance offset, Horizontal/Vertical angle offset and Traverse/Sideshot. The new map projection and localization features facilitate workflow when working with GPS. Additional GPS raw data capabilities improve quality control and data analysis.