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Trinity F90+: India’s first fixed wing eVTOL drone in small category certified by DGCA

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Roter Group is proud to announce that Trinity F90+ drone from Quantum Systems, Germany, is India’s first fixed-wing eVTOL drone in the Small category to receive the Directorate General of Civil Aviation certification for being an NPNT compliant Drone/RPAS/UAV.

Trinity F90+ is the same drone procured by Survey of India and is a key contributor in Honorable Prime Minister’s flagship Swamitva Yojana for mapping Indian rural land with an accuracy of less than 5cm.

Trinity F90+ is a fixed wing eVTOL system can fly for 90+ minutes and is unbeaten drone in terms of performance and precision allowing the user to cover more area effortlessly with amazing results.

The certification for Trinity F90+ will open windows for Indian government and private organization to use the best surveying and mapping drone in India. This certification will allow long awaited industries such as Mining Agriculture, Forestry and many others to use the drone technology for the maximum output.

Roter Group on behalf of Quantum Systems Germany, would like to present its gratitude towards the officials of DGCA and MoCA for their hard work during Covid-19 outbreak and managing to provide certificate within the anticipated time.