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Trimble’s new UAS targets big survey, geospatial projects

US: Trimble Navigation has unveiled its next generation Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) – the UX5 aerial imaging rover with the Trimble Access aerial imaging application – for large, geospatial and survey projects. The new system serves a variety of traditional surveying applications: topographic surveying, site and route planning, progress monitoring, volume calculations, disaster analysis and as-builts. Trimble UX5 is capable of producing 3D surface deliverables with a ground sampling distance of just about one inch.

UX5 is capable of flights between about 250 and 2,500 above ground level and can be flown in light rain and up to 40 mph winds. UX5 aerial imaging app The imaging app is used to define the project area, avoidance zones, and flight parameters as well as take-off and landing locations. In the field, it is used to perform pre- and post-flight checks and download the flight data and images after landing. The UX5 and the imaging app are being sold to the surveying, oil and gas, mining, environmental services, and agriculture sectors in markets where UAS commercial operations are allowed, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Africa.

Source: Spar point group