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Trimble wins T-Com survey equipment contract for Germany

Trimble announced that T-Com, Deutsche Telekom’s fixed-network division, one of the largest fixed network providers in Europe, has awarded a contract to Trimble for the purchase of GPS survey equipment and software. The equipment will be used to collect accurate position data of T-Com’s telecommunications network infrastructure assets across Germany. Financial details of the contract were not disclosed. Under the contract, T-Com will purchase 150 Trimble 5800 GPS RTK surveying systems over the next three years. In addition, 150 Map500 software licenses will be purchased for integrating the GPS survey data into T-Com’s GIS. The seamless integration of position with asset feature information will assist in managing the company’s physical network infrastructure, which is widely dispersed across the country.

Deutsche Telekom has more than 1.6 million kilometres (approximately 994,000 miles) of underground telephone line that need to be accurately surveyed, documented and kept up to date. In addition, as new phone lines are added the information is incorporated into the GIS database. On average, T-Com conducts approximately 350,000 survey projects per year, which range from large- to small-scale projects.

With the addition of the 5800 RTK systems, T-Com’s survey equipment now includes GPS, servo and robotic total stations from Trimble. Trimble offers complete positioning system solutions and a perfect data management bridge between the GPS rovers, optical total stations and the GIS database, which makes surveying easy and managing T-Com’s network infrastructure more efficient.